Co-curricular Activities/Games/House System

Co-curricular Activities/Games/House System

Co-curricular Activities
Besides imparting training in 3R’s the school strives to allow full scope for the development of personality through creative or co-curricular activities. To inculcate the feelings of brother-hood and team spirit and to confidently stride along with the fast moving world of today co-curricular activities and games are an indispensable part of the educational structure of the school.
The games introduced in the school are:-

1. Athletics
2. Badminton
3. Handball
4. Volleyball
5. Kho-kho
6. Table-Tennis
7. Gymnastics
8. Basket Ball

Co-operation of parents is sought here to encourage their wards to select a game or activity of his/her choice and to equip them with necessary requisites of the game like rackets, shoes, ball, dress material etc.
House System
House level, class level and inter school level activates are conducted to boost up creativity, highlight special talents and develop confidence among the students. The four houses are:-

1. Shakespeare House
2. Kalidas House
3. Mahadevi Verma House
4. Bhai Veer Singh House

Various House activates are held from time to time to uplift the aesthetic, emotional and cultural aspect of the students. They are encouraged and prepared to participate and compete in the activities.