School Activities



Activities 2017-2018

Date Activity
04-09-2017 Teacher Day Celebration
12-08-2017 Independence Day Celebration
12-08-2017 Janamashtmi Celebration
05-08-2017 Photo Highlight, Costume Designing and Translation Competitions
05-08-2017 Raksha Bandhan Celebration
22-07-2017 Doll Making, Landscape, Book Jaket and Dumb Charades Competitions
15-07-2017 World of words, Chalk pastel colouring, Gel Candle and Know Me Well Competitions
13-05-2017 Painting with Yarn, Kite Colouring, Autobiography and Declamation
06-05-2017 Calligraphy, Leaf Art, Autobiography, Honey Comb and RJ Hunt
12-04-2017 Baisakhi Celebration
08-04-2017 House Meeting
06-04-2017 Start of New Session 2017-18


Date Activity
04-09-2017 Teacher Day Celebration
29-08-2017 Bottle Cap Creativity, Roll Play, Group Dance and Sports
11-08-2017 Treasure from trash, Masquerade and sports
11-08-2017 Janamashtmi Celebration
11-08-2017 Independence Day Celebration
04-08-2017 Clay Modelling, Dancing Feet and sports competitions
19-05-2017 Introduction, Face Mask and Sports
12-05-2017 Colour Splash, Suno Kahani and Sports
05-05-2017 Magic with Paper, Minicry and Sports
28-04-2017 Oath Taking
10-04-2017 Start of New Session 2017-18


Activities 2016-2017


Date Activity
09-02-2017 107th Birthday Celebration of Swami Sant Dass Ji
25-01-2017 Republic Day Celebration
12-01-2017 Lohri Celebration
24-12-2016 Annual Sports Meet
19-11-2016 Declamation, Ribbon Wallet Making, Paper Bag Making, Stencil Art and Muffin Icing Competitions
04-11-2016 Debate Competition: Classes: XI-XII
22-10-2016 31st Annual Prize Distribution Function
22-10-2016 Fresh Flower Arrangement Competition
16-10-2016 Dry Flower Arrangement Competition
05-09-2016 Teacher’s Day Celebration
03-09-2016 Paper Pets, File Cover Decoration, Salad Head, Wind Chimes, Unfold your thoughts competitions
20-08-2016 Gazal and Qawali Competition
13-08-2016 Independence Day Celebration
06-08-2016 Paper Mache, Mug Paining, Hankey Embroidery, Rock Art and Sanskriti Parichay competitions
23-07-2016 Cartoon Masks, Creative Writing, Tie and Dye, Gustakhi Maaf and Rakhi Making competitions
16-07-2016 Ice-cream stick, scary pumpkin, folk dance, jute bag and face study competitions
14-05-2016 Debate, Geometrical Design Colour, Book Marks making, Quilling and Master Chef Competitions
07-05-2016 Self-Composed Poem, Scrap Book Covering, Googly Shades and Tile Murals Competitions
23-04-2016 Oath Taking Ceremony
09-04-2016 House Meeting
09-04-2016 Start of New Session 2016-17 (Class XI)
06-04-2016 Start of New Session 2016-17
20-02-2016 Farewell- Class XII
09-02-2016 106th Birthday Celebration of Swami Sant Dass Ji
06-02-2016 Inter-class Sports Competiton
25-01-2016 Republic Day Celebration
12-01-2016 Lohri Celebration
04-01-2016 New Year Celebration


Date Activity
08-02-2017 106th Birthday Celebration of Swami Sant Dass Ji
05-12-2016 Fancy Dress, Play with Clay and Sports competitions
13-11-2016 Annual Celebration
14-10-2016 Role Play, Thumb Printing and sports competitions
07-10-2016 Flower pot decoration, let’s give wings and sports competitions
26-08-2016 Crown Decoration, Jingle and Sports competitions
12-08-2016 Independence Day Celebration
12-08-2016 Rakhi Making, Quiz, Table Setting and Sports Competitions
05-08-2016 Solo Dance and Sports Competitions
27-05-2016 Twisted Tale, Origami Maths and Sports Competition
20-05-2016 Self-Introduction and Photochard Competition
13-05-2016 Legendary Tales of Grandma and Grandpaath , Life with colours and games competitions
06-05-2016 Mimic any Character and Paper Weight competitions
29-04-2016 Oath Taking Ceremony
08-04-2016 Start of New Session 2016-17
09-02-2016 106th Birthday Celebration of Swami Sant Dass Ji
11-01-2016 Lohri Celebration