K.G. Wing



KG Wing

The greatest gifts that can be given to our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence and it is education that can imbibe the firmness of values and strength to soar heights of success.

Focusing on such an enchanting mission and swathed in the ethereal vision of Swami Sant Dass Ji, a noble prophet of 20th century, our school has today established itself as a premier educational institution with an academic fraternity dedicated to the motto of service to humanity. Our Kinder Garten wing with its inception in 2002 ensures meaningful, successful and rewarding educational experience exclusively for the young ones. Tuned in to the hues of modern play-way-approach, its state-of-the art infrastructure and competent faculty, it provides the perfect ambience to nurture the little minds and prepare them for the challenging life ahead. Endowed with heavenly benedictions of our saints and the Almighty we move along the destination of an ever expanding horizon.

We target the loftiest position to be achieved through quality education that provides scope for logical thinking creativity and scientific temper.

We strive to imbibe the true sense of morality through value based education that focuses on character building. We adapt the child to harmonize with society and come out as a useful, disciplined and abiding citizen. We uphold perfect personality development through coordinate development of the physical and mental being. We believe in generating love for fellow beings by trust in unity and togetherness.