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‘Faith sees the invisible,believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible “

Swami Sant Dass ji is the guiding vision  not only of  our institution but a beacon  for humanity.He lived a life of utmost simplicity and humility thoroughly connected with the Almighty.Hardly will there be any person in Jalandhar who is not familiar with the name of the divine personality of Swami Sant Dass Ji.The personality of Swami ji was really a unique specimen of this age.
Swami ji liberated  the people from their deep slumber of ignorance,directing them to trust in the strength of the Supreme force.He believed that the Almighty is always with us and thus we can never feel alone if we spend our lives chanting the name of the Almighty.
At Pritam Bhavan ,Gopal Nagar, the message  was conveyed to people by ordinary acts of imparting Seva and Satsang-as a way to commune with God.He always cautioned the public at large through his illuminating discourses.Here I must mention that Swami ji had such a melodious voice that when He sang the sacred songs from Gurubani, the listeners felt enchanted  with ecstasy.
Swami Sant Dass ji worked for the upliftment of the needy and served humanity through community service.He took up the cause of education and public health service — The two sectors which changed the future of society.Guru Sangat Mission Hospital is still actively giving treatment to the needy.The premises of his Ashram were always thronged with people coming from far and near.He encouraged and organised classes for learning Punjabi to help people read holy  scriptures to come closer to the God.
Swami Sant Dass ji believed in simplicity and selfless service-virtues which make him stand apart ,as an icon of devotion to humanity.His life was one of creating awakening within, and to learn to shun materialism—this could only be done by controlling the mind and to move on the path of liberation and enlightenment.He was a true saint who led his followers from impurity to purity, from hatred to constant love , from ignorance to wisdom , from darkness to light and from sorrow to delight.



“The higher the SUN ariseth,
the less shadow doth he cast,
even so the greater is the goodness,
the less doth it covet praise-
yet cannot avoid its rewards in honours”

Swami Sant Dass Public School came into existence as the brainchild of Swami Shantanand ji. This was heartily accepted by Mahamandleshwar Swami Ishwar Dass ji and the foundation was laid as a tribute to his Guru ji Swami Sant Dass ji.This momentous occasion came on 30 March 1986 on the third punya tithi of Swami Sant Dass ji to keep his values alive and to give an expression to his mission of serving humanity.
Swami Ishwar Dass ji was born on 16 June 1945. From his childhood he was a religious and pious soul. After coming under the guidance of Swami Sant Dass ji he embarked on a journey of enlightenment and selfless service.
He took over the responsibilities of the ashram in the year 1974, after gaining a wealth of knowledge in philosophy,scriptures and Ayurveda.He was gifted with great oratory skills ,which made the devotees come from far and wide to seek solace and inspiration from his words ,and find comfort in the healing touch which he had from his knowledge of herbs that endeared him to the people.
His legacy of humanity,generosity and compassion will always continue to live on.




The School stands in the heart of the city with the latest infrastructure combined with a highly qualified experienced faculty and Trustworthy management. The school imbibed with its motto of ‘Service To Humanity’ is surging ahead in contrasting shades of combining discipline with academic excellences, imparting moral traditional education with modern technological one, inculcating in the children qualities of a leader and follower, teaching them the spirituality of oneness and compassion alongside modern science longside of 3 wings.   Read More



The philosophy of the school is the inventiveness and ethics preserved by the Saints. Swami Shantanand Ji believes that the portion of man and mankind is fashioned in the classrooms. He fosters the belief of transmitting modern technical education entrenched in traditional moral values for the overall development of the students.. Swami Ji concentrates on the accomplishment of success and satisfaction in a student.
Swami Ji is of the strong conviction that education bestows a certain amount of power on the individual which should be a source of service. The school prepares the students for their future in a world that is rapidly changing, recognizing their individuality and uniqueness thus making them valuable members of society.
The key points like critical thinking, creativity, interpersonal skills and a sense of social responsibility, that influence success and happiness in life are given utmost heed. Swami Ji avouches the need to bear in mind the spiritual principles that guide our actions.
Vision and strategy though pivotal, their execution and implementation is quintessential. This commitment is demonstrated in day to day teachings imparted, discipline maintained and heights of academic excellence achieved.