School Houses

The school is divided into four houses as listed below. Various house activities are held from time to time to uplift the aesthetic,emotional and cultural aspects of the students. They are encouraged and prepared to participate and compete in the activities ,under the guidance of their house masters.

Shakespeare House-

The colour of this house is red which depicts courage and passion. Artistic skills of students are nurtured in this house, through various inter house competitions. The aspiration of this house is to Make the students open-minded and creative like Shakespeare.

Mahadevi House-

The colour of this house blue which symbolises persistence and confidence which motivates the students to do all the given duties with honesty and live
peacefully.The objective of this house is to instil confidence, sense of belongingness ,cooperation,teamwork and upholding values of dedication,compassion and generosity ,to carry the legacy of the greatest poetess Mahadevi Verma. 

Kalidas House-

The colour of this house is yellow which spreads optimism among students to be positive in every situation and to appreciate the smallest things in the life.The purpose of this house is to prepare the students to face all the situations upfront and to have realistic approach like Kalidas.

Bhai veer Singh House-

The colour of this house is green which symbolises honesty, harmony and inculcates the quality of fearlessness The objective of this house is to bring, a sense of hope, responsibility ,confidence and connect the students to their roots like Bhai Veer Singh.