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Activities 2021-2022

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Lohri is a time to feast , to enjoy and spread positivity. The bonfire teaches us the lesson of universal brotherhood. Let's join together to celebrate this great day.

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‘Extend your learning beyond the boundaries and enrich yourself with abundant knowledge and versatility.’

To provide hands on experience of art and culture to students , a visit to Satya Paul Art Gallery was organised by APJ College of

Fine Arts. The Art Gallery showcased a variety of artworks by noted artists of Punjab. School organises such visits to make students creative and appreciative of art.

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A Rangoli competition was held in a series of activities related to Aazaadi ka Amrit mahotsav. The students made colourful rangolis and won the prizes. Here are the glimpses:-

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SAFAR-E SHAHADAT- Nikian Jindan Vadde Sake

December marks the legendary sacrifice of Guru Gobind Singh ji and four Sahibzadas. The history is a witness of the brutalities they faced during cold days still not submitting to tyrant rulers. The great day is celebrated in our school as students recited poems about their valour .

Our students also participated in Gurmat Quiz – Nikki Jinda Vadde Sake organised by Guru Amar Das Gurdwara , Defence colony. They were well apreciated by the organising committee for their dedicated knowledge and won First Prize. The principal Mrs Kamaljit Kaur also appreciated the participants for their efforts that along with getting academic education they are attached to their roots.

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A Rangoli competition was held in a series of activities related to Aazaadi ka Amrit mahotsav. The students made colourful rangolis and won the prizes. Here are the glimpses:-

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Live with joy, purpose and confidence.

Within you lies vast, untapped possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Art of living program provides a deeper insight and vision, power to generate confidence, ability to live a deeply fulfilling life. To keep the students fresh, able to manage stress levels, Art of living session was organised from 22.11.2021-27.11.2021 for the students of classes VIII, IX and XI. They learnt various techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya, Guided meditation and breathing, Team building, Confidence building processes. It was quite an interactive session wherein the students learnt through fun and games. The principal Mrs Kamaljit Kaur understanding the needs of such programs is focussed to provide teenagers with practical knowledge and effective tools to reduce stress, manage negative emotions and develop social and leadership skills.

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26-11-2021 Every student has creativity and artistic sense which needs to be nurtured. It is one of the main beliefs that has driven us to create an all embracing environment at Swami Sant Das Kindergarten. We firmly believe and nurture talents through our weekly competitions. This week the tiny tots displayed their passion through activities like – Me and my family, Craft creations and My cooking skills.
19-11-2021 Club Activities

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s life is a medium of our true existence. He taught us to respect all religions and be the server of humanity. Students of our school recited shabads and poems with much devotio n about the guruji’s life in a special morning assembly.

The principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur also imparted information to students to respect all and follow the policy of universal brotherhood.



SWAMI SANT DASS PUBLIC SCHOOL JALANDHAR celebrates CHILDREN'S DAY on virtual grounds on 14 November, 2021 with great fervour . The celebrations were organised by the BHAI VEER SINGH HOUSE.

The show centred around the theme that EACH CHILD IS UNIQUE AND HAS INDIVIDUALITY .The need is to NURTURE AND Nourish the young and innocent minds to enable them become the stakeholders of tomorrow.

The principal Mrs.Kamaljit kaur emphasized upon the INCLUSIVE education and the need to engage, inspire and enrich the young minds with imagination and creativity.

She also extended heartiest congratulations to all the children and wished them a plethora of opportunities to express, explore and enrich their wings of fantasy.

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Diwali is the time to remove the darkness of ignorance within us and replace it with the light of hope and knowledge. To make the students understand the importance of Diwali the teachers of Swami Sant Dass Kindergarten gave them the message of victory of good over evil, light over darkness ,knowledge over ignorance through various enchanting stories .Candles and Diyas are an integral part of Diwali celebration so the students displayed their artistic instincts by decorating some adorable candles , Diyas and thalies and wished light and cheer to brighten the lives of everyone . Here are some glimpses-

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This saturday was completely a witness of new ideas with bundles of zeal and enthusiasm. The students showcased their talent in activities Sticker art, Bottle art, picture puzzle and cartoon art. The musical streak included Rock Band . Let’s enjoy a glimpse of these.

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Creativity is natural extension of our enthusiasm.

There is no doubt that creativity brings colour to our life. Without creativity there would be no fun. To infuse the students with a spark of creativity various activities were held on 23.10.21 such as Ikebana, Ghazal Singing, Birthday accessory, Thumb painting, Ad-mad show and Creative writing. The students displayed their deep love for new forms of art and their overwhelming response was also appreciated by the principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur. Let’s have a look down the artistic tapestry.

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It is loads of fun to give a new display to the classroom after longtime. The classroom charts delivered a fresh impression with academic, artistic tone in their displays. There is a certain kind of freshness seen in the display and the same was seen among children. A classroom decoration competition was organised from Nursery to class 12 . All the students did well and put in their efforts to decorate their respective classes. Department Decoration competition was also held on 23 October 2021. The competition was won by Biology Lab of Senior Wing and Activity Room of Junior Wing. The principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur appreciated the zeal and freshly created displays of the classrooms and also gave prizes to the winner classes.

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It is loads of fun to give a new display to the classroom after longtime. The classroom charts delivered a fresh impression with academic, artistic tone in their displays. There is a certain kind of freshness seen in the display and the same was seen among children. A classroom decoration competition was organised from Nursery to class 12 . All the students did well and put in their efforts to decorate their respective classes. The principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur appreciated the zeal and freshly created displays of the classrooms and also gave prizes to the winner classes.

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Tell me and I forget, 
 teach me and I may remember,
 involve me and I learn.
Keeping these words of Benjamin Franklin in mind Swami Sant Das Kindergarten organised  various activities like Prints on paper , Role play and Dry flower arrangement,  where the students had a great learning experience . We were happy to see our students moving a step further on their path of actual learning journey and the experience that they had will stay with them forever. Let's meet our Champs-

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Celebration of Rashtriya Poshan Maah


In order to observe this abhiyan various activities were conducted in the school . E-quiz was conducted for classes 6 onwards available on MyGov portal. School Nutrition Garden was established by science department and science club students. Classes 8-10 watched videos telecasted by Swayamprabha Channel of Ministry of Education. NCERT Curriculum on nutrition and physical health was shared in class 10 online class. In English class, significant information was promoted and the students were made aware regarding nutrition, balanced diet, junk food and healthy eating habits. The students of classes 3-10 wrote essays in Hindi. Creatives were also shared in three offline PTM’s. The students also shared pics of their helping gesture while sharing food with people of underprivileged section. The principal Ms. Kamaljit Kaur  also motivated the students to consume only healhy diet. Let’s have a glimpse of the various facets of Poshan Maah.

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“Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.”
With the onset of pandemic there is stupendous use of technology. Cyber security is no longer a matter of  IT. To enhance knowledge about Cyber Security, a workshop was conducted in the school by Mr Ashwani Kumar from Apna Cyber Dost The teachers got important ways to secure themselves as education has changed its mode to online. The principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur finds it pertinent that one should be equipped with latest knowledge to remain updated  in knowledge.

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The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it back from you

International Literacy Day is an occasion to celebrate the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies everywhere.

To observe this day, a Workshop on Literacy and Numeracy was organised at Swami Sant Dass Public School by Mr. Ameet Chauhan and Mr. Gaurav Prabhakar from Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.

The teachers got knowledge about various ways to effectively deliver the concepts to students through interesting videos, animations, worksheets and activities. The principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur delivered the message that literacy is a bridge between ignorance and knowledge and by walking over it one can get through difficulties to open the doors of wisdom.

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Though a teacher writes in black and white yet,brings colour to our lives.

Teaching is the only profession which gives birth to all other professions. A teacher is a beacon of light to help us strive for our goals, guides us and instills us with the values of

discipline, empathy ,love for humanity. This world would be an aimless ship without a teacher.

Today on this special day, to make it tremendous, a webinar was organised by Swami Sant Dass Public School with the blessings of Mahamandleshwar Swami Shantanand Ji , our true mentor, on the topic , NATION BUILDERS , FACING THE GREATEST CHALLENGE.

The eminent personalities Mr. Satish shenoy (CA,ICWA and CS),Dr Girish Ahuja (Professor,ICAI at Shri Ram college of commerce) were the resource persons. Mr R.S. Kalra (CA) was also among the dignitaries to attend. Their elevated and sublime thoughts instilled a spark among all the teachers. The Principal Ms kamaljit kaur welcomed the guests and Ms. Anju Mehta thanked the dignitaries for sharing their thoughts. It was really a great learning experience for all the teachers.


Salute to True Warriors.

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Teaching is considered a profession by all

Enunciating ideas with efforts big and small

Adorable, Inspiring, guiding force and tremendously caring

Covid, chaos, turmoil, troubles, everything a teacher is bearing

Heading forward unstoppably

Emerged like a true warrior

Resilient, responsible, robust & breaking all the barriers.

Online teaching is the 'new normal' for all of us. But to make this unusual phenomenon usual, one person had to put in plethora of efforts, and that person is none other than " OUR TEACHER". The role of teacher has always been that of a planter and nurturer who help seedlings to become a full blooming tree bearing fruits for the society. But this pandemic has turned a teacher into technician , facilitator, and guide who put ceaseless efforts to embark on the journey of teaching and learning. When everything seemed to be confined, teacher was the one who chiseled his skills to uplift the level of his students.

So , today is the day to say a huge THANK YOU to the MENTOR who mended the lives of his pupils even during the tough times.

Teachers and students of SHAKESPEARE HOUSE of SWAMI SANT DASS PUBLIC SCHOOL, JALANDHAR have prepared a wonderful show to express their HEARTIEST GRATITUDE to their gurus and also to the gurus of the whole world.

We wish all the teachers with folded hands


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`Not all superheroes have capes ,some have teaching degrees'.

A teacher is an eternal Guru and guide whose firm and loving grooming has shaped generations from times immemorial. In the words of Henry Brooke- A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops.

Since nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart so on this

Teacher's day the tiny tots of Swami Sant Dass Kindergarten extend their deepest gratitude towards their superheroes who have enlightened their life by teaching not merely from a book but from the heart .

The love and respect shown by them is overwhelming. Have a look –

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Technology has developed at a very fast pace during pandemic. Every field is touched by the upsurge of information and technology. During such times our responsibility towards cyber security has increased much. Our computer department teachers disseminated information and made 6-12 classes children aware about cyber security . The students were provided with different tips about protection against cyber crime. The principal Ms. Kamaljit Kaur also stimulated the students about the need of cyber security and its awareness.

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Sweeter than honey, tastier than curd, pleasantier indeed than any happiness and joy, is the power of the name of Krishna

Janamashtami is an auspicious day of celebration. The birth of Lord Krishna is a symbol of ending of evil spirits and to speed equality, justice among all . This great day was celebrated at Swami Sant Dass Public School with great devotion and enthusiasm. The school was decorated for the celebration . The fragrance of flowers and the soothing aroma of camphor, jingle of bells filled the air. The young Gopal ji was rocked in a cradle , as accustomed . The principal Ms Kamaljit kaur paid her respects too on this pious occasion . She is always eager to celebrate al religious festivals at the school to promote brotherhood among children and to lay the right foundation.

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Janmashtami is an occasion to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna , who enchants everyone by his playful mischiefs. The blissful tunes of his flute shower his love on people of all ages.

On this pious day the little angels of Swami Sant Dass Kindergarten dressed up as Radha- Krishna take away all our worries and fill us with eternal peace. Have a look-

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National Sports Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of hockey wizard Dhyan Chand. The hockey legend’s career spanned from 1926-1948. He was retired as Major in the Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army in 1956. The Indian Government conferred him with Padma Bhushan- third highest civilian award. In our school the day was celebrated with sporty spirit. A PPT was presented to aware the students about the legendary player. Nalin Bhasin and Harleen (11-C) delivered speeches on importance of sports .Not only a day it was, it represented a day of great motivation for all the sports persons. The celebration of the day is a booster for all sporty sprinters at Swami Sant Dass Public School. The principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur also stimulated the students to channelise their enrgies towards sports as it will be a medicine for their bodies and a tonic for their souls.

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August is a month of celebration of our independence and festivity due to Rakhi. An outburst of talent was seen during the in – school activities hed on saturday. The students represented their artistic skills in various art forms and creative writing. Their artistic skills could be seen in FUN FACE MASK , MAKE YOUR OWN RAKHI . The art pieces presented by them were worth appreciating. Not only in art , the writing skills of the students too brought their intensive thoughts into light when they participated in Creative writing – MY INCREDIBLE INDIA and CROSSWORD PUZZLE. The principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur motivated the students to develop the spirit of competition and hone their skills in various fields. The result of online activities is as under:

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Raksha Bandhan is a pious occasion to celebrate the loving and caring bond shared by a brother and sister . This pandemic has tried very hard to keep us apart but thanks to the technological support we can witness one of the deepest and noblest emotion through the pictures shared by our students where they tied the holy thread around their brother's wrist and prayed for their long life . Here are some glimpses..

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20-08-2021 Clubs' Activities

‘Today is a day to feel proud about being a part of this great nation’.

May this spirit of freedom leads us all to success and glory in life. Swami Sant Dass Public School wishes you a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 🇮🇳.

Let’s have glimpses of celebration by Kalidas House.

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India is celebrating "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav " marking the 75th year of Independence amid patriotic fervour.

To mark the occasion Swami Sant Dass Kindergarten organised various competitions in which the tiny tots remembered and honoured the countless sacrifices of the brave freedom fighters who devoted their lives to the altar of the country's freedom struggle.

We feel proud to present the dynamic and versatile Young Indians who are emerging with flying colours in every field.

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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. The Oath taking ceremony marked a significant beginning of the First Academic Year. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. Swami Sant Dass Public School held Investiture ceremony for the academic session 2021-22 on 11 Aug 2021. The Elected leaders were conferred with badges by the principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur. The student conduct took the pledge to serve the school and fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. Principal Ms. Kamaljit Kaur congratulated them and advised them to be impartial and honest in discharging the duties and display the qualities of a true leader.

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There are enormous ways to enhance your skills. The creativity comes out best in the stream of interest. To channelise the energy of the students in a right way various competitions were held and the students effectively displayed their artistic and writing skills . The students came out with the best of their ability in the competitions like 3-D card, clay modelling, Design your own Tassel, Report writing. The principal Ms Kamaljit kaur appreciated the zestful efforts of the winners and advised them to participate in the competitions of their interest to give their creative ideas a concrete form.

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Interactive session on International Phonetic Alphabet organised at Swami Sant Dass Public School ,Jalandhar

An interactive session for KG Wing teachers was organised on 7 August to make them aware about International Phonetic Alphabet.Mrs Renu Sharma (HOD) English,was the resource person and she shed light on this important aspect of making the young learner’s skilled and confident in speaking and pronunciation.Principal Mrs Kamaljit Kaur reiterated the need to develop this important skill to meet the requirements of the future.

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Keeping this inspirational thought in mind a work shop on digital teaching tools for all the the teachers was organised by our worthy Principal Ms. Kamaljit kaur ,to keep the staff members abreast with the modern digital world.

Mr Dinesh Kumar Nanda (HOD computers) was the resource person who very efficiently selected and explained about the new tools like Ed puzzles, Near pod, White board fi ,Google sites, prezi, Mentimeter, OBS software and so on. The work shop lasted for two hours on zoom platform

The whole staff definitely became aware of new digital tools for project work, online teaching and assessments. Surely the teachers are benefitted from the work shop.

Respected madam Principal thanked Mr Dinesh for conducting such a worthwhile workshop that is the need of the hour.

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There is no limit to learning. Life is a learning itself

So we never let any chance go untouched to learn something new. To provide an innovative experience to the students of classes 8th and 9th, a Robotics Workshop was conducted by Mr Vishal Sharma, an expert from Innovation Hub of Pushpa Gujral Science City to reveal the basics of Robotics and its applications in various spheres of life. This also acted as a booster to develop their interest in the newest fields of science. The principal Ms Kamaljit kaur always aims at providing innovative learning to the students so that they can be an example for others tomorrow. Ms. Sonia Mago coordinated the event.

It was an amazing session to learn how robots work and make one also.

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‘Trees are the kindest things we grow' as they fulfill all our basic needs, but their depletion has become a serious problem. So to make the students aware of this issue, we celebrated Van Mahotsav in our school premises.The students of Eco Club alongwith the principal Ms Kamaljit Kaur planted trees in the school premises. Van Mahotasav is an integral part of school celebrations as it is an effective way to sensitize the students about their environment. It is the need of the hour too that


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26-07-2021 Farewell Class XII
21-06-2021 International Day of Yoga

The 2021 calendar marks Father’s Day on June 20. People eagerly look forward to Father’s Day to convey their respect, love, and gratitude to their fathers. It’s about a celebration honoring all the dads and celebrating paternal bonds and fatherhood, also to mark the influence that dads make on their children in society.

The students of our school are also celebrating this occasion by making some amazing cards and writing awesome poetry for their loving and caring dads. Very good wishes and blessings to all the children on this wonderful day.

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International Justice day 2021 brings together all the people who want to support justice, advocate victims rights and aid in the prevention of crime that threatens the world peace safety and well being. This day is observed because it is critical to raise public awareness and unity in favour of justice, as well as to promote victims’ rights. This day also draws individuals from all around the world to focus on critical concerns. It defends individuals from various crimes and cautions those who endanger the nation’s peace, security, and well-being.

Various activities are being held throughout the world to celebrate this day and to promote the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Our school also celebrated this occasion wherein the teachers of social sciences told the significance of this day in the virtual classes. Worthy Principal mam Ms. Kamaljit Kaur also recommended ‘let's all take a pledge on this day to favour justice and peace for all and we ourselves be honest in our dealings with one and all’.

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During virtual summer camp , those who have great affinity for music , vocal and instrumental classes were also held. The students zealously participated in the musical activities planned by the school according to their choice. The online musical classes provided learning platform of musical instruments which the students have otherwise only dreamt and provided them an opportunity to brush up their skills in vocal music too. The strings of music instruments and percussion instruments reverberated their holidays with new sensations. The exuberant learners participated whole heartedly and the camp emerged out to be a ray of learning.

Here are the glimpses




An amazing and mind indulging summer camp was organised at Swami Sant Dass Public School Jalandhar for classes lV to VIII. It helped the students to learn new skills while being in their safe environment at homes. It included mind tickling and engrossing activities for the children to use their summer vacation constructively. It also aimed to keep the children busy and try to push their boundaries. It included various activities of ART AND CRAFT such as Mirror decor, Lippan art, Mosaic art , wall frame , button art , pot making etc.

The earnest efforts made by the participants were appreciated. The summer camp culminated with a virtual exhibition squaring the various exhibits prepared by the students. The students have learnt a new way to unleash the hidden talent and the principal Mrs Kamaljit Kaur applauded the strenous efforts put in by the students.

Here are the glimpses


Learning is not a one-day event. It is a lifelong journey. The power of technology has added wings to our little angels who have displayed their passion through the various online activities that were conducted by Swami Sant Dass Kindergarten.

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Children are the best teachers. They enjoy simple moments of life and express themselves through their lively talks and infectious giggles. We at Swami Sant Dass Kindergarten organised various activities like “Colour Splash”, “Bed time stories” and “Best out of waste” and were spellbound by their amazing understanding and the magic of hands which taught us lessons to enjoy the present and be positive.

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Children are born artists, they never fail to amaze us with their creativity. Here at Swami Sant Dass Kindergarten learning and fun go hand in hand. On Fridays various activities are conducted to provide an online platform to the talented students, where they display their passion, zeal and self-confidence.

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Here in Swami Sant Dass Public School, learning is interspersed with fun activities .Our continued association with the education system now combined with the power of technology has only added life to our endeavors.

The passion ,the energy ,the zing that oozes out of the talented students is visible in all the activities they perform.

On Saturday a wonder display of skills and improved self confidence took place online and following are the winners of different grades and categories. Have a peep….         

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Millions of congratulations on the 400th birthday of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji.

′′ Anand brother is fortunate, the house will appear, God will come ′′

The protector of religion and humanity, the statue of sacrifice, the ninth Patshah Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji's arrival on the holy land of Amritsar on 1 April 1621 E. Happened at the house of Sri Guru Hargobind Ji, the owner of Miri-Peeri. In his childhood, by human love sacrifice and humility, giving a poor orphan child a precious dress to cover his body was the meaning of charity. When the Mughal General Pande Khan collided with him, he was such a speed that he became brave from the abandoned Mal.

AAP proved by sacrificing Sis to keep human values and religious equality alive that martyrdom is for justice, goodness, right, truth, serenity, love and light.

Breaths like Bhai kaahu kaau deet nahi nahi bhai manat ann spread dignity and self-esteem in humanity.

Guru Sahib's pronounced words and verses give a message of worldly destruction, name chanting, and spiritual adoration.

Blue get rid of bondage there is no solution.

Say Nanak, now God will help you.

If there is strength, then there is no bondage, everything is the solution.

Nanak everything is in your hands only you are the one who helps.

Fellows! Today it is necessary to follow the path told by Guru ji and become a follower of truth. Become a humanitarian and take care of yourself, take care of your family, the society will improve itself.

Students sang Guru's Jass by speaking speeches, words and poems in a function dedicated to Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji on the arrival day of Swami Sant Das Public School Jalandhar.

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Earth day celebrations

The students and teachers of Mahadevi Verma House put together an online presentation on the occasion of Earth Day. This year marks it’s 50 years of celebration. This presentation is a compilation of online speeches,drawings and dance. The students have beautifully conveyed the message to not only make promises but to act on them to make our Earth a healthier,greener and cleaner place for the future generations.

“Let’s nurture NATURE so we can have a safe future “

Principal Mrs Kamaljit Kaur said it is important to realise our duties towards our planet not today but every day.

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ਲੰਬੜਾਂ ਤੇ ਸ਼ਾਹਾਂ ਦਾ ਹਿਸਾਬ ਕਰਕੇ ,

ਮਾਰਦਾ ਦਮਾਮੇ ਜੱਟ ਮੇਲੇ ਆ ਗਿਆ

Baisakhi is a great festival of Punjab. The day marks the harvest of wheat crop and liberation of all burdens of farmers and a welcome note to all joys and celebrations. The day also has religious significance for the sikh community as it marks the beginning of Sikhs New Year and the formation of Khalsa Panth under the tenth sikh guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji in 1699. Baisakhi celebrations are filled with colours and vibrancy in the villages and the day is celebrated with great fervour to welcome the dawn in our lives. The students celebrated it and presented beautiful n enthralling dance performances with joy.

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07-04-2021 Result Online Activity
05-04-2021 Start of  New Session


Activities 2020-2021

Date Activity
15-02-2021 Swachhta Club Online Activity



Let's all celebrate this auspicious day with fervour and spirit to uplift ourselves to the Zenith of Glory, divinity, purity and above all, humility to perceive the transcendent excellence of that sublime soul who spent his entire life in the pursuit of well-being of mankind and served the humanity with the mission to make education an asset in everyone's life..

Since the inception of this great Institute, Swami Sant Dass Public School Jalandhar, it has been scaling Heights ever since and has attained an invaluable niche in the minds and heart of the multitudes.


Here is a glimpse of this grand celebration




On 111th birthday anniversary of Swami Sant Dass Maharaj ji, the blooming angels with their chubby cheeks and dimpled chins cherished the prideful and love brimming day with beautiful representation of Cards. Their love , affection and fondness for thy holy spirit outpoured in the form of colourful expression.

Pic 1    Pic 2

08-02-2021 KG Wing Online Actiities 


Traffic rules form the backbone of smooth functioning of law and order. The government of India is observing Road Safety month and Awareness Campaign from 18th January-17th February, 2021. In relation to this First Aid Training was organised at Swami sant Dass Public School jalandhar on 6.2.2021 under the supervision of principal madam Ms Kamaljit Kaur to educate the drivers, conductors and attendants how to take care of kids and provide immediate aid in case of emergency. Dr Amritpal Singh , posted at Civil Hospital, Nakodar educated the conductors and drivers and removed various misconceptions about first aid in case of bee sting, seizures and other emergency problems.The lecture was quite fruitful and beneficial.

In view to this a lecture on traffic rules and protocols was also held by SI Mr. Ranjit Singh, ASI Mr. Shamsher Singh And ASI Mr. Ramesh Kumar from traffic police department. As in this day and age, the street and transport has become a fundamental piece of each person. Road safety alludes the measures to forestall mishaps on the roads. Mr Shamsher Singh interracted with drivers and conductors to disseminate the knowledge of traffic rules and road Safety

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06-02-2021 Result of Online Activites
05-02-2021 Webinar on ‘Misconceptions in Newton’s Laws of Motion’
26-01-2021 Republic Day Activities
20-01-2021 To mark the occasion of year long birth anniversary of Shri Guru Tegh Bhadur ji and birthday of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji , the school has organised KATHA VICHAR and SHABAD GAYAN  competition.
13-01-2021 Lohri Celebration
09-01-2021 Swachhta Club Activity:  Poster Making
06-01-2021 Let’s make a RESOLUTION.
20-11-2020 Club Activities
11-11-2020 KG Wing Online Actiities 
07-11-2020 Sr. Wing Activities
30-10-2020 Swachhta Club Activity
30-10-2020 KG Wing Online Actiities 
16-10-2020 KG Wing Online Activities 


12-09-2020 Sr. Wing Activities

To continue the tradition of recognizing the dedicated efforts and services of our teachers, the school observed Teachers’ Day on 5th September. The students acknowledged and thanked their teachers with great zeal and zest.

03-09-2020 Declamation competition on year long 400 year Birth Anniversary of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
10-08-2020 Result of Essay Writing Competition organized to mark the occasion of year long 400 birth anniversary celebration of Ninth Guru of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji.
12-05-2020 Our School organised an online session for its teachers on 'Rediscovering one's inner potential' by motivational speaker Dr Hariom Puniyari from Nagpur.
 05-04-2020 List of Office Bearers
 25-04-2020 Online Activities
 18-04-2020 Online Activities

Activities 2019-2020

Date Activity
 27-02-2020 Matribhasha Diwas Celebration
 25-02-2020 Workshop on the topic: Inclusive Education
 25-02-2020 We all have faith in different religions and we all have different deities whom we follow and believe in. The students recited a faith prayer, containing an element of respect for all the religions.
 20-02-2020 Rally by Swachhta Club (एक कदम स्वच्छता की ओर)
 20-02-2020 Mahashivratri Celebration
 15-02-2020 Class XII Farewell (Sham-e-Rukhsat)
 14-02-2020 Honourable principal Ma’am enlightened the students by boosting their memories 10x faster for exams that are near the corner. 
 07-02-2020 110th Birth Anniversary of Our revered Guruji, whose name sanctifies the name of our prestigious institute, Swami Sant Dass Ji was celebrated today. Heartiest felicitations to one and all. Students of Grade I to IV presented a marvellous show, depicting the life and teachings of the great guru. May each and every one associated with the pious soul rise and shine and be blessed in life.
 01-02-2020  Basketball Match between Miami Heats and Los Angles Lakers
 29-01-2020  Celebration of  Basant Panchmi.
 25-01-2020  Celebration of  Republic Day.
 24-01-2020 Maths Club Activity
 20-01-2020  Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 by PM (Narendra Damodardas Modi)
 18-01-2020 Robotics workshop was conducted by experts Mr. Mohit and Mr. Raj from innovation hub of Science city 
 13-01-2020  Lohri Celebration
 11-01-2020  Regional Transport office Jalandhar organised Road Safety Awareness week from 11th Jan – 17 Jan, 2020.
Under the theme "Sadak Suraksha, Jeewan Raksha", Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur and Mrs. Inderjit Kaur guided the school students about road safety.
 10-01-2020  Workshop on Happiness Classroom
 06-01-2020  New Year Celebration
 24-12-2019 Emotional Shabad recited by Mehakpreet VI-A, Riisham VII-D, Praabhsimran VI-B, Gurjot VII-B on the Martyrdom of brave Sahibzade's.
 23-12-2019  Workshop on Career Guidance
 23-12-2019  ਸਫ਼ਰ – ਏ – ਸ਼ਹਾਦਤ
ਦਸਵੇਂ ਪਾਤਸ਼ਾਹ ਅਤੇ ਪਰਿਵਾਰ ਦੀ ਕੁਰਬਾਨੀ ਤੇ ਚਰਚਾ
 10-12-2019  Workshop on Classroom Management
06-12-2019 Sports Club Activity (Yogic Exercise) 
05-12-2019 Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur, President of S. Ajit Singh Foundation Society a well-known Personality in the field of media, Social welfare, Education, Art and culture. She’s associated with Bright Eyes media, NCLP project of Labour kids, Smart city, Swachh Bharat mission & many more. Delivered a lecture on time and Self-management today.
29-11-2019 Sahodaya Inter School English Declamation Competition
29-11-2019 Punya Tithi of Swami Pritam Dass Ji and Sthapna diwas of Pritam Bhawan is on Saturday 30th November. On this occasion manyaveet of VII-C delivered a speech on life and teaching of Swami Pritam Dass Ji. Mannat also recited a poem in praise of our revered Guruji.
28-11-2019 On the occasion of 550th birth anniversary of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Creation of Guru Nanak Sacred forest at Sant Ishwar Vatika, Baba Sri Chandra Mandir Chakk Jinda, Jalandhar
26-11-2019 Constitution Day was observed in the school.
23-11-2019 Visit to Chattbir Zoo Chandigarh : Classes VIII A, VIII B (By IT Club)
23-11-2019 Jalandhar Independent Schools Sahodaya complex  Maths Workshop for Primary Teachers
21-11-2019 Workshop on Adolescence School
21-11-2019 Our School’s Science model “Salinity Nurturing productivity” got selected for the CBSE National Level Science Exhibition.
16-11-2019 Senior Wing Activities (16-11-2019)
14-11-2019 Children's Day Celebration
09-11-2019 Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Prakash Purab was celebrated in the campus.
09-11-2019 Workshop on Stress Management (08-11-2019)
08-11-2019 Hub of Learning Activity (Solo Singing Competition)
02-11-2019 Vigilance Awareness Week 28 Oct 2019 to 2 Nov 2019
31-10-2019 Celebration of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas
19-10-2019  34th Annual Prize Distribution Function    More……
10-10-2019 Traffic police officer Mr. Shamsher Singh addressed the students in morning assembly. 
04-10-2019 Buddy Group Activity: Save Environment
20-09-2019 Workshop:- (Topic) Gender Sensitivity
06-09-2019 Bhagwan Shri Chand Ji Jayanti, a special event was held in the school.
05-09-2019 Teachers day celebration
29-08-2019 Fit India Movement
24-08-2019 Science Exhibition
24-08-2019 Janamashtami Celebration
22-08-2019 Stage Activity by Eco Club on the topic "Save Environment"
20-08-2019 A “Poster making Contest” was held by the Eco Club and the best artists were awarded.
17-08-2019 Visit to Rail Coach Factory (Kapurthala): Class VII-B
14-08-2019 Visit to Desh Bhagat yadghar hall : Class VIII-A,B
14-08-2019 A marvellous show on the eve of Independence Day was presented by the students of Bhai Veer Singh house
14-08-2019 The Punya Tithi of Mahamandaleshwar Swami Ishwar Dass Ji 
10-08-2019 Senior Wing Silent Activities   Senior Wing Stage Activity
10-08-2019 Visit to Jung-e-Azadi, Kartarpur (Class IX-B,IX-C)
09-08-2019 Panel Discussion – Class XI-XII
09-08-2019 Stage Activity by Integrity Club
06-08-2019 Quiz Competition by IT Club
05-08-2019 Swachhta mission team from Municipal Corporation Jalandhar visited the school
03-08-2019 Tree plantation drive was held in the school campus in an attempt to contribute a bit towards water conservation.
03-08-2019 Senior Wing Silent Activities      Senior Wing Stage Activity 
02-08-2019 The NHS held a drawing contest on "My Dream Robot"
31-07-2019 Debate Competition for Classes X-XII
30-07-2019 Kargil Vijay Diwas was celebrated in the school.
26-07-2019 Senior Wing Activity
24-07-2019 A superb message that was given by the Humanity Olympiad group, Mr. Yatin Sikka and Ms Rekha Chadha
22-07-2019 The Swachhta Club of the school conducted a Poetical recitation in the special morning assembly
20-07-2019 Senior Wing Stage Activities                   Senior Wing Silent Activities
18-07-2019 Celebrating the "Intensified diarrhoea Fortnight" a special morning assembly was conducted for the awareness of dengue and diarrhoea.
15-07-2019 School reopen after Summer Vacations
21-06-2019 International Yoga Day
16-05-2019 Activity by Swachhta Club
11-05-2019 Senior Wing Activities
04-05-2019 Senior Wing Other Activities
04-05-2019 Senior Wing Stage Activity (Group Dance: Class IX and X)
03-05-2019 Visit to Verka Milk Plant-Class VI-C and VI-D
03-05-2019 Dental Checkup (Day – 1)
26-04-2019 Visit to Verka Milk Plant-Class VI-A and VI-B
20-04-2019 Investiture Ceremony
12-04-2019 House Meeting
12-04-2019 Baisakhi Celebration
05-04-2019  Start of New Session( Class XI)
04-04-2019  Start of New Session

Activities 2018-2019

Special Activities


Activity 1:  'Waste n Rise' Waste management

Soliloquy activity(04-05-2018)


Inter-class Extempore competition was held at Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar on the theme of ‘Waste management’ to celebrate ‘Greenery Day’. Classes XI-XII participated in the event. The participants suggested multifarious ways to tackle e-waste, nuclear waste or utilize waste to enhance economic growth. Jayesh Sohal and Harshpreet Singh Pruthi won the awards for being the best orators. Adeba Siddique, Yashika, Harjot and Sanchit also got awards for their stupendous performance. The Principal Mrs. Tajinder Pal Kaur gave away the prizes to the prize – winners and appealed to the audience to implement the valuable values into practice. The event came to an end with the national anthem.

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Role Play (11-05-2018)


Environmental issues are the burning topics of the present age and how to manage waste is the most difficult task. In order to sensitize the students, an interactive role play activity was organized is Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar.
A special school assembly was convened and the students read out various environment related issues and suggested solutions.
A short skit was enacted by the students with great zest and propounded the idea of intelligent ways of waste management and how students can make a great contribution to the society. The event ended with a happy note leaving the students learning something significant.

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 Treasure from Trash (12-05-2018)

Treasure from Trash is a practical training on how to turn everyday trash into treasure and provided hands on experience to artistic and creative ways to use trash. Keeping in view this activity was organized in Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar.
The event Kick-started with enthusiastic participation of classes IX and X. Students’ creations ranged from a simple bird shelter to complex items as dresses vacuum cleaner, decorative items. Participants used common recyclable materials as – cardboards, straw, plastic bags, boxes, bangles, bottles. Many of the inventions were not practised but showed great promise to the future generations.
The judges assessed them on the basis of their originality, practicality aesthetic aspect and creativity. The winners were given away the prizes. The objective was to make students draw the conclusions that recyclable and compostable trash can benefit environment and even make some of their trash an environment treasure.

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Demonstration of Vermi Composting(14-05-2018)


This week has been incredible with new experience round everywhere as an excursion to La Jersery meant for vermicomposting was organized for the students of Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar.
As a responsible member of the planet we must work to create a waste diversion and recycling program that optimize and create a positive impact in school. An excursion for the students to La Tersery is a different experience to learn in totally different environment. A demonstration of the process enhanced their knowledge and provided them hands on experience to know how worms are friends to farmers and can act as boosters in organic farming. The guides enriched the team with facts and provided a panoramic view of the subject knowledge.
The objective was successfully achieved to study current practices related to waste management for human well being among the poorly rendered services in the basket.

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As a part of waste management project, a paper Reusability and Recycling activity was organized in Swami Sant Dass Public School and to make sure others taking positive environmental action.
The students and teachers learnt the various processes of making recycled paper from cardboard as it is an organic waste from trees and can be recycled any number of times as possible. The activity explained a methodical process of recycling paper and cardboard, which included the sorting to pulping and to finished product.
It’s a far better way than simply tossing them out in the trash and the activity was quite helpful in developing the sense of environmental consciousness.
(1) Bhavneet (X-B)- First
(2) Mankirat (IX-A)- Second
(3) Kriti (IX-C) -Third
(4) Bhawna (X-B)- Third
(5) Samridhi (IX-C)- Consolation

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Today’s students are hungry for work that is real, for learning that is meaningful A project that was based on composting as a teaching strategy was organized in Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar. Composting provides a way for waste management.
Students learnt that reduce, reuse and recycle are major corollaries of composting. A demonstrative activity made them to take responsibility for their learning as they make decisions, create solutions to problems that interest them. The project had two practice steps. In information part – information was raised among students and in Practice Step – the process of composting was taught.
Thus the students learnt that biological wastes can save our world more than us and now we have more hopes and plans for a better world for the future.

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 ‘Let’s Celebrate – Festivals’

Stage performance by the students: "Unity in Diversity" (14-08-2018)

Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar celebrated Independence Day with great gaiety and enthusiasm. The theme of cultural diversity was well presented by Shakespeare House showing glimpses of traditions from all the parts of our country. Inspite of all our differences we should be proud to be known as Indians and value the sacrifice of our heroes. Principal Mrs. T.P Kaur promoted the message of peace and highlighted the importance of cherishing our freedom and upholding the values of our rich culture. It is diversity of our country that gives it a unique recognition everywhere.

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 ‘Peace- The Language of World’

World Peace day (21-09-2018):-

To stop hate and promote peace-a campaign was created to help students cope with stresses that potentially impede them from academic success in Swami Sant Dass Public School Jalandhar. The teachers helped the students to create activities. The event which took place during the campaign included display of posters to promote peace and unity in campus. 21st September was observed as World Peace Day and the students took pledge to live in harmony with all the individuals of this planet and to promote peace. The chief guests Baba Divyanand Ji and an educationist Mr Santosh delivered a lecture to the students for the need of World Peace and how it can be achieved. The chief guest, Principal staff and students gave their indulgence in peace campaign. Everyone on campus enjoyed the peaceful feeling that day and there was harmony.  

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Activity 4:  'The Games We play' 

Sports Quiz (22-10-2018):-

Sports is often an important part of early development and plays a big role in school life. A Quiz competition was held for sports enthusiasts of classes VII-X at Swami Sant Dass Public School. It included questions to develop awareness among students about various sports and the achievements in this field. The intelligent students were giving fluent answers defeating their rivals amidst loud cheer and thunderous clapping. The first round was a warm up session based on general question on sports and sportsmen/women. The teams were able to answer all question with ease. They were lauded and cheered by the students. There was a tie in the last round between Team B and C. The Quiz was won by Team B.

The Principal Ms T.P Kaur asked the students to be more through with sports as it is an integral intrinsic aspect of personality development.



Press Coverage:-


To bring out the creative expression of the students and also to gauge the awareness quotient, Poster Making Competition for class VII – VIII was organized at Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar. The theme taking up for the above was ‘Sportsmen and their achievement’ students used colours to give an outlet to their imagination and their love for their sports prodigy. They displayed their artistic skills through an array of posters on the given topic.

The aims of this competition was not merely to see the creative aspect but also to trigger the thought process of the children and sensitize them towards importance of sports in our lives.


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The students at Swami Sant Dass Public School enjoyed their afternoon of Basketball match. The students were able to engage with each thee as well as develop their physical attributes through sport. The basketball match was organized between Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls.

The children tried passing out, dribbling and shooting techniques.

At the end of 1st Quarter Golden state warriors shut with 21 scores. The second quarter started with more fervor and zest. The captain of Chicago Bulls was not properly backed up as there were many miss passes. After 20 minutes Golden State Warrior hit the 21 baskets and Chicago Bulls were only with 6 baskets. But in the second half they pushed their team and got 39 baskets. Finally Golden Warriors hit 48 baskets.

There was a shout of glue as the winning teams walked in finishing the match with score.



Press Coverage:-


Health and Fitness is an important issue these days. As a part of ‘Games we Play’ activity a lecture by Dr Rajvir Singh Ex-President of AIIMA (All India Integrated Medical Association). was organized in Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar in the morning Assembly.

Dr Rajvir Singh delivered an informative lecture on importance of good health and maintenance of health. He put forward the points that games are an integral part of healthy lifestyle and how students can maintain balance of health. He also laid stress upon the point that canned and processed food is harmful for health in the long run. The Principal Ms T.P Kaur is always willing to organize such lectures for the students.

The lecture was appreciated by all and students learnt a lot too.


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Activity 5:  'Be a saver to endangered speechless world" 

Quiz on Endangered Species (15-11-2018)

A quiz competition was held at Swami Sant Dass Public School on November 2018. The science department conducted the quiz for classes 8th to 10th. The quiz began with the introduction of the participants. Before starting the quiz the teacher explained the rules of the quiz. The first round of the quiz was Question-Answer round. The second round was audio visual round and the third round was ‘Who Am I.

The quiz was conducted in a very interactive way and the teams participated with great enthusiasm. They skil fully answered the questions asked through some of the question very tricky. The teams tried to answer them with confidence. The questions put forward were intriguing, exciting and made the audience go ‘Aah! and clap when the teams answered correctly.

Every round was a mixed bag with questions. Lucky Dip round gave the teams a chance to catch up with leaders and put up a tough fight. Everyone waited and baited breath for the announcement of final score. The Deadly Scorpions won with 40 scores followed closely by Cheeky Cheetahs with 40 points. Everyone clapped and cheered the ecstatic winning team.

The winning team was awarded with prizes. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.



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Model Making Competition on 'Biodiversity and its Conservation Strategies' :

Students of Swami Sant Dass Public School participated in Science Model Making Competition. Young and aspiring minds exhibited their scientific and creative skills in Model Making about Biodiversity and its conservation stratergies. All the students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm to excel and achieve success. Participants’ efforts and dedication could be witnessed through models. Alongwith their self-made model participants also gave their presentation in the form of explanation. Concept clarity, material used, Neatness & Creativity were source of the parameters to judge all the contestants. Ishpuneet, Charanjot won the First Prize. Gargi & Jotpreet won second prize, and Kohinoor, Dipanshu bagged third prize.

All these Models were displayed and the students learnt valuable facts about biodiversity. The Principal Ms. T.P Kaur congratulated and applauded the winners too.


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‘Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be have as you and me’. A trip to Chatt Beer Zoo was organised for the students of class VIII. The zoo is a home to several mammals, birds, reptiles and other species in a diverse natural habitat. The afternoon was sunny and pleasant, making it perfect for walking around the zoo. The students enthusiastically observed an array of animals and birds as their teacher pointed out to their special characteristics. They saw some familiar and unfamiliar species of animals and birds. The Asiatic Lion, white Tiger, leopard, African Elephant, Crocodile, Beer, Fox Hippo. The students were very excited to see animals and birds as compared with looking at them in their picture books and on television.

An underlying message learnt on the excursion was the need to love and nurture the animal kingdom which is a gift of Mother Nature.

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Animals are true friends of human beings but this relation is forgotten by modern generation. To nurture and rejuvenate this feeling among youngsters a play – ‘Compassion towards Animals’ was organized in Swami Sant Dass Public School, Jalandhar.

The students were enthusiastic to display their animated role on stage. They delivered their dialogues with expressions. The campus echoed with applauds when the students see their animals friends on stage. This actually developed a bond between them and to take care of animals.

It was fully enjoyed by the students and delivered the theme of live and let live.



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Activity 6:  'Drug abuse – a social problem’ 


The students of Swami Sant Dass Public School recently conducted a rally against drug abuse. Their aim was to create awareness against drug abuse, smoking, alcoholism and use of tobacco amongst local people.
Students from classes IX & X and teachers took part in the rally which was flagged off by Principal Ms T.P Kaur. She spoke about why it is important to say no to drugs. Students carried placards with messages of the ill effects of drugs.
The rally was an eye-opener for the citizens of the city as well as it induced the severity of the situation.



Press Coverage:-


Street Play ‘The Dark Corner’ was presented by the students of Swami Sant Dass Public School to create awareness against use drugs and their effects.

The play opens with children depicting a boy who was sincere and dedicated towards studies. Later the children dramatized how the boy got engulfed in vicious circle of drugs and was not able to come out of it. The play also highlighted the effects of drugs on the victims and the family members. The melodrama presented created an atmosphere which highlighted drugs as monsters slowly crawling into one’s life and pushing the life into a dark corner.

The street play was effective in fulfilling the aims to create awareness about the use of drugs.



Press Coverage:-



Drug abuse is one of the biggest social problem. It is engulfing our society into a web of problems. To evoke awareness among the students against this problem a visit to PIMS Rehabilitation centre was organized by Swami Sant Dass Public School Jalandhar.

The classes IX and X visited the rehabilitation centre and acquired a deep knowledge how drugs at once boost the release of various hormones but later on human body becomes dependent on the usage of these drugs. An interactive session by an expert cleared the doubts of the students and made the students aware of the severity of the situation that arises after it. Students also visited anatomy lab and got hands an experience of the real life.

The visit was quite beneficial for taming the young minds and to make them understand the importance of righteous path.


Press Coverage:-

A documentary ‘Drug Addicted Children’ was shown to the students in the projector rooms.



Swami Sant Dass Public School as part of its various initiatives under the topic Drug Abuse – a social problem’ organized a Slogan Writing competition for classes VIII, IX, and X. It is an initiative to generate awareness among people about drug abuse and its consequences.

The students made beautiful posters with slogans to sensitize the young generation about the problem of drug addiction and how it is engulfing the blooming youngsters and throwing them into dungeons of suffering. Palak Sharma (VIII-B, Rineeka (VIII-A) got first and second prize respectively. Pragati (VIII-A) & Navneet (VIII-B) shared the third prize. The Principal Ms T.P Kaur appreciated the initiative taken by the students.



Press Coverage-

Activity 7:  An alley of Tastes ‘n’ Attires – ‘Food and Clothing’ 
A Cooking without Fire competitions was organized for the students of classes V & VI. The students exhibited their culinary skills and prepared tempting dishes.
The flavor of various dishes was attracting the sensors of appetite and was a feast to eyes too. The dishes were interesting and students too coined interesting titles for their dishes. The best part of the recipes was that they were healthy, easy, quick and can be made when needed.
The aims of the activity was to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and explore new areas of interest. The main aim was to create awareness about nutritional value of food items. The principal Ms. T.P Kaur appreciated the efforts of the students and advised them to cook these-recipes when needed rather than eating Maggi and other junk food.Facebook:-Press Coverage:
Fashion shows is a great way to show creativity of the students on and off the campus. As a part to know our enriched traditions in clothing Swami Sant Dass Public School organized an event to display the hues of dresses.
In order to have an understanding of the traditional dresses of India and other countries, the student’s ramp walked in various attires. The atmosphere was filled with glamorous music. The ambience was kept very artistic, designed with vivid and minimal colors. Kerala, Assam, Japan, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Parsi Assamese are some of the attires that caught the attention.
It was a delightful show and the students had an enjoyable evening. One cannot deny that it was a perfect blend of modernity and traditions.Youtube:Facebook:Press Coverage:-
The students’ creatively can be best brought through, their talent search. As a part of Food and Clothing activity, the students of Swami Sant Dass Public School designed different types of costumes with variant hues and designs.
The designed costumes were displayed in an exhibition. The visitors visited and appreciated the young brainiacs. The costumes were a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The students also learnt about various popular trends and developed a sense to appreciate the variations of clothing style in the world. The exhibition was an innovative idea to acknowledge the budding talent.Facebook:Press Coverage:-
Tiffin box analysis

































































































Food formulates an integral part of an individual’s routine. Enormous debates, articles on food habits focus on one and only aim of healthy eating habits. Swami Sant Dass Public School arranged a Tiffin Box Analysis among the students of Pre-Primary wing.
The tiffin boxes were analysed and voted as best tiffins on the basis of ingredients, Nutritive value and attractiveness. This helped to motivate the children to learn healthy eating habits. The sharing of lunch boxes among the students developed the skills of sharing and caring among students. Such simple and effective activities simply lubricate the learning techniques in an effective way.


Press Coverage:



Date Activity
23-02-2019 Farewell-Class XII
21-02-2019 ਮਾਂ ਬੋਲੀ ਦਿਵਸ
09-02-2019 109th Birth Anniversary of Swami Sant Dass ji
06-02-2019 30th National Road Safety Week – 2019
25-01-2019 Republic Day Celebration
12-01-2019 Prakash Purav of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
12-01-2019 Lohri Celebration
10-01-2019 New Year Celebration
29-11-2018  Punya Tithi of Swami Preetam Dass JI
 28-11-2018 Debate on Water Conservation 
 22-011-2018  Guru Nanak Dev Ji Birthday Celebration
19-11-2018  National Education Day Celebration
17-11-2018  Make a photo dictionary, Draw a city design, Ice cream stick furniture, creative writing and Group Dance
14-11-2018  Children day celebration 
 10-11-2018  Spell Bee, Shoe makeover, Paragraph writing, poster making and Debate
 31-10-2018  Rashtriya Ekta Diwas  Celebration
 27-10-2018 33rd Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony
13-10-2018 Educational Trip to Jung-E-Azadi (Kartarpur) Class VII-C
 03-10-18  Gandhi Jayanti Celebration
15-09-2018  Swearing in ceremony to maintain cleanliness
 14-09-2018  मेरा भाषा, मेरा अभिमान – हिंदी दिवस पर विशेष
 08-09-2018 Awareness on Prakash utsav of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and World Literacy Day
 05-09-2018  Teachers day Celebration 
01-09-2018  Janamashtmi Celebration 
 25-08-2018  Raksha Bandhan Celebration 
 24-08-2018  Swachchta Club Activity (Awareness regarding cleanliness)
18-08-2018 Educational Trip to RCF : Class VII-A
14-08-2018 "Mission Green School" was accomplished today with the help of students. Special names were assigned to plants.
14-08-2018 Independence Day Celebration
11-08-2018 Education Trip to RCF(Kapurthala) Class VII-A
06-08-2018 Picture story, Open letter to public, Humorous poster, Dream catcher and Alphabet/Number Dance
 02-08-2018 WE SAY NO TO DRUGS: Pledge
28-07-2018 Educational Trip (Class IX-C) to Jang-e-Azadi Memorial (Kartarpur) :-by IT Club 
21-07-2018 Educational Trip (Class IX-A) to Jang-e-Azadi Memorial (Kartarpur) :-by IT Club
 21-07-2018  Make a Hairband, Cook Booking, Script Writing, Past Present & Future, Act As a Councillor competitions.
14-07-2018 Eatables outfits of my choice, Collage, Essay writing, Photo story and AD-MAD show
 09-07-2018  School reopened after summer vacations 
19-05-2018  Activities 
14-5-2018  Educational Trip to Jang-e-Azadi Memorial, Kartarpur :Class IX-B
 12-05-2018  Create your own Mosaic, Writing Skills, Tile Morals, Treasure from Trash and Folk Story/Song competitions
 05-05-2018  Skit,        Gift wrap, Stamp Art, E-book etc.
 21-04-2018  Oath Taking
13-04-2018  Baisakhi Celebration
 07-04-2018 House Meeting
 06-04-2018 Start of New Session 2018-19 for class XI
05-04-2018 Start of New Session 2018-19

Other Activities


Date Activity
06-02-2019 30th National Road Safety Week – 2019
30-01-2019 Career Counselling Session: By DAV University
02-11-2018  Vigilance Awareness Week 2018: Workshop on the topic
“Eradicate Corruption" for teachers.
06-10-2018 Interactive workshop on Personality development by C.A Gagandeep Kalra for XII (Commerce) students
 28-09-2018 Workshop for XI and XII students on topic "The joy of innovation"
 21-09-2018 Workshop on "Emotional Intelligence" by Prof Payal Kumar and Ms. Riti (from BML Munjal University)
01-09-2018 Traffic Awareness Campaign by Social Curators and Traffic Police
27-07-2018 Children below 18 years of age if caught driving the vehicle, action will be taking against parents under section 180 of Motor vehicle act.
 15-05-2018 MR Vaccination Campaign Day 4
14-05-2018 MR Vaccination Campaign Day 3
 12-05-2018  MR Vaccination Campaign Day 2
11-05-2018 MR Vaccination Campaign Day 1
 11-05-2018 Poem Recitation on Swachh Bharat by Swachhta Club
 03-05-2018 Members of Red Art Punjab group Mr. Balwinder and Mr. Jigarpreet presented a street play 'Vehangi' depicting teacher-student relationship. Principal mam appreciated their awesome performance.
27-04-2018 Captain Nitin Pathak (Nautical Faculty, ARI) guided the students about Merchant Navy.
 25-04-2018  Career counselling seminar
 23-04-2018  Seminar on "Health Issues" 
 06-04-2018  Workshop on MR Campaign (by Civil Hospital, Jalandhar)