School Clubs

The institution believes in empowering the student with a vibrant and jubilant medium of co-curricular activities. The major component finds its base on the seven clubs of the school. These clubs organise activities as per the calendar and ensure the various aims and objectives are achieved.


The purpose of this club is to sow the seeds of awareness about cleanliness ,by engaging the students in various activities, like poster making, plays, teaching segregation of dry and wet waste ,cleanliness campaigns and lecture on making of compost and 3R's.


This club is designed to promote the latest skills in IT and safe use of technology .Various activities like quiz competitions, PPT making competition and technology related activities are organised to enhance the logical aptitude of the students.


This club blossoms scientific and reasoning aptitude to generate interest in math and science activities like model making ,quiz competitions and one act plays highlighting the importance of science and maths are conducted to nurture the young scientists and mathematicians.


The objective of this club is to develop physical fitness, promoting mental alertness and evolving ethical qualities with emotional maturity. Sports competitions in different games like basketball, athletics gymnastics badminton etc.are organised to achieve the goal.


The club intends to strengthen the foundation of character by cultivating human values like love, patriotism ,compassion, tolerance and honesty. Activities based on developing strong foundation of character are conducted in a well planned manner.


The aim of the club is to promote the idea of unity in diversity and to strengthen the emotional bond between the people of our country through activities like dance drama ,essay competition and themed display board competition on the diversity of states.


'Let's go green before the green goes'
Following this thought,our school has formed an ECO CLUB to promote habits and actions of conserving environment. It plays an important role in creating sensitivity towards environment.  It keeps on organizing such activities which imbibe values like not to litter around, minimum use of plastic, promoting ethos of water and electricity conservation, tree plantation etc.

Thus ECO CLUB of our school is a platform which promotes the participation of students in learning environmental behavior.This club helps the teacher to meet the objectives of environmental education,which is to create sensitivity and awareness among Students to create clean and green environment.


The vision of the club is to nurture and develop young ambassadors of Indian tourism who would become aware of tourism possibilities in India, appreciate our rich cultural heritage and develop an interest and passion for tourism. These young ambassadors would be catalysts for promoting tourism in India.

Through tourism clubs activities, students would gain exposure to the rich diversity of India and value its rich civilization. Tourism would enhance their sense of belongingness towards the nation.

Tourism Club aims to

  • enable learners to appreciate the importance of travel and tourism;
  • ignite a passion for tourism and its value in learners;
  • educate learners regarding the rich natural & cultural travel heritage present in our villages, towns, cities, and states;
  • sensitize learners to various elements of travel;
  • encourage, teach and propagate responsible tourism practices;
  • improve physical & mental health through exploratory, adventure and sports tourism;
  • spread awareness about tourism opportunities at an early stage and encourage learners to be skilled professionals and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and tourism sector.