Guidelines-School Transport

School Transport:-
The school transport system works efficiently to facilitate the students to commute to school. The school has buses covering the major routes in and around the city. The service is proposed to be extended in the near future. Parents willing to avail this facility are required to follow the following guidelines:

  • Apply to the Principal on the prescribed Performa available in the office.
  • Intimate the Principal in writing, one quarter advance in case you want to discontinue the bus.
  • School will not be able to run bus in case of emergency which is unavoidable.
  • Transport charges are to be deposited quarterly along with the tuition fee in the State Bank of India, Harbans Nagar, Jalandhar.
  • In case of any problem, please contact the Transport Incharge in the school office.
  • The bus will move on fixed routes. Children will be collected and dropped at fixed stops.
  • The bus will not wait for late comers. Students can avail the school transport and are discouraged to bring their own transport.Personal Conveyance:-
    Students of XI & XII are permitted to come in their own scooters/bikes. They are to park them only at allotted places.Special Note:-
    School holds no responsibility for the private arrangement made by the parents. However, parents are advised:
  • To check the condition of the mode of transportation to be used by their child.
  • To keep proper information of the person deputed to pick their child and to see that the person is not changed very often.
  • To check whether the person taking their child holds due lenience or not, particularly, if the mode of transport if Auto-Rickshaw.
  • To see that the person is not drunkard.
  • To check that the child is not coming by cycle-rickshaw.


Total number of buses owned by school: 12

Total number of buses hired by school: NIL

Total number of buses vans/mini buses/ matadors:NIL

Number of Female Attendants for Transport Duty: 12

Total number of Drivers: 13

Name of Transport Coordinator: Mr. Pritpal Singh

Contact number of Transport Coordinator: 9877141212