International Day of Yoga

Online Events:-

1. Online Quiz

‘Yoga is a medium of discovering one’s trueself.’

The pandemic has taught us an important lesson to be self conscious of our ways and deeds. This time has traced us back to historic times when yoga was the way of life.
On international Yoga day, a Quiz was held for the students of classes VI-X. After qualifying preliminary round, the 5 teams battled for the winning position. It was an online quiz and Gaurav of class IX C won the quiz competition. The students were asked questions about yoga and asanas and proved that our youngsters too have learnt yoga and its importance.

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2. Online Workshop

‘Life is discovering itself in a new way’
 Since times immemorial even saints and seers have discovered a new and healthy way of life through yoga. What food is to body, yoga is to mind and soul. International Yoga day was  observed and everyone has flown into the vibes of great yoga practices Mrs Sonia Joshi, a yoga practitioner, through an online workshop provided knowledge to the staff members and enriched them with yoga asanas. It was a great experience for all of us.

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