Science Labs

The practical experimental teaching in science goes hand in glove with the theoretical. Bring complimentary in essence the Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories form an internal part of the teaching process. Fully aware of the quest for precision and accuracy these spacious laboratories are a source of immense satisfaction and clarification for the students in providing scientific laws.

The ever questioning minds of the children are not satisfied by just propounding theory. Theory complemented with practical experiment and conclusion forms the best mode of education. The Science Labs, well equipped and built with the purpose of resolving the problems, enable the students to reach their inferences, thus helping them in their learning process. Where and when possible, it exceeds the limit to teach new mysteries of life which go beyond their course materials.
Physics Lab
The spacious and bright Physics lab is the favourite haunt for all the Newtons in the make, where they experiment and come out with new inferences. Containing some of the latest experimenting instruments, like Spectrometers and interferometers this lab does not limit the inquisitiveness of the students only to the course matter, but goes much beyond this to prepare the students for the fast changing world.

Chemistry Lab
A well equipped chemistry lab, with test-tubes, and other common chemical apparatus is another asset. Apart from these, the lab is modernized with a fume chamber and electrical balances. The lab will soon be equipped with a pH meter and a distillation set.

Biology Lab
Surrounded by the various specimens of flora and fauna, the students here learn the deepest mystery of life and its formation. Here the “Seeing is believing” becomes a thrilling process of learning for them.